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Press Forced rip button to rip for a period of a seconds - it's important for ripping web sites (ex: ) with 3d models. I should mention that normaly after ripping process is over the game will be unfreezed and you can continue it from the same point. There's a 2 versions of import script for To import models into 3ds max choose Import Mode, path to the files and press Import button.

However there're many games which continue runnig during ripping process or games which screen will dimmed after ripping process so you can hear the game but can't see it. All the possible uv ccords will be loaded on the model automatically into separate uv channels if there's more than 1 uv set.

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Duration of ripping process depends on complexity of the game and the computer capacity.

During the ripping process all the ripped resources will be storing inside the \_Ninja Ripper\ folder. Press Textures rip button (F9 by default) to rip the textures only.

In game choose the desired location and click the "rip" button (F10 by default).

4.2 [09/09/2007] - Added ON INPUT event so the local user can use !

- Added /weather command flag descriptions to the 'Check weather dialog'.

Now uses a dynamically sized picture window No longer steal focus from mirc Moving mouse outside window for a certain period closes the window Window now fades in and out Now checks that the channel buffer size matches to stop the nickinfo triggering if the nickname isn't hotlinked anymore eg.

- Include default search in 'Check weather' dialog.

IRcap is a multi-language script (though originally Spanish), featuring many of the features one would look for in a script.details on Outdated 3ds Max Importer «

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