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03-Nov-2019 17:49

[Banichi] : P [Scotsman] :) * Banichi thinks about writing an rfc for an extension to finger [Scotsman] hmmm, interesting...

[Scotsman] "No exact matches for OS" [Banichi] to have, in addition to plan and project, a file [Scotsman] only 1 port open * Banichi wonders whether Katamarino is noticing any of this...

Scotsman claims innocent responsibility for Banichi's death. - Topic set by Pavanne|TDS [Tue Oct 7 2003] * Pseudodragon was with friends in Jesus. * Scotsman pats Pavanne on the head - there, there.

Christine Clarke is the only assassin-related one of them. * Monkey salutes respectfully * Scotsman feels that being paranoid on the way to the toilet at half past 05 is taking things a little seriously * Scotsman feels distinctly unwell, and takes himself back off to bed :( [ Pseudodragon] Erm... * adam wonders who might have been en route to FF at that point * adam notes that Inquisitor was, but his route probably wouldn't go via silver street * Pseudodragon left Jesus at about .

* Snap wonders what the people that actually bother to read the log will think of this [Snap] right, I'll stop being silly, see everyone tomorrow [Snap] :-) [Katamarino] ????

[Scotsman] "nmap -s F -f -F -g 80 -n -T 3 com" [Banichi] heh [Banichi] nobody, honest ;) [Banichi] hrrm [Banichi] surely port 135 shouldn't be open.... [Scotsman] yeah [Banichi] I've turned my linux box off now anyway [Scotsman] oh ok [Scotsman] what's the IP?

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[Katamarino] well, that was exciting :) [Banichi] does anyone know what arguments you have to give nmap so that the cs doesn't notice/complain?

I practically hav more courses that clash than ones I want to do. Pufferfish, thr33, Minister dead outside Caius hall. - Topic set by Pavanne [Fri Oct 10 2003] * Pavanne isn't really that bloodthirsty.