Radiometric dating of planets sasha and naeto c dating

28-Jan-2020 14:54

When each ionized sample reaches the Faraday Cup in which it is stored, a current is produced and measured as an electrical signal.

A computer can then identify the types of atoms present in the sample as well as the number of atoms the sample has.

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By studying several things, mostly meteorites, and using radioactive dating techniques, specifically looking at daughter isotopes, scientists have determined that the Solar System is 4.6 billion years old. That age can be extended to most of the objects and material in the Solar System.

The United States Geological Survey(USGS) website has a lot of indepth material about how the age of the Solar System was determined.

The basics of it are that all material radioactively decays into a stable isotope.

These dating techniques, known as radiometric dating, are firmly grounded in physics and are used to measure the last time that the rock being dated was either melted or disturbed sufficiently to re-homogenize its radioactive elements.

This techniques returned an approximate age for meteorites of 4.6 billion years and Earth bound rocks around 4.3 billion years.Here’s a great article from the USGS that explains how the dating process works, and a great series from UC San Diego.

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