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16-Jan-2020 15:48

Being accused by other employees of showing favouritism could be an issue if your mate is also your superior or, if you are the boss and your partner is your employee.

Always keep in mind that how you feel about your relationship may not be the way that outsiders feel about it.

Most workplaces require that employees divulge whether or not they are related to other people who work for the same company.

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Finding love at your workplace can be a risky move because there is a chance that your superiors will not approve of you being in a relationship with another employee. Check out our free guide below to help you determine if dating your co-worker is worth it. Our virtual mentoring series, podcasts, blogs, and more provide real-life learning, insights, and transferrable skills. dating coworkers " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// /Meeting the right person can be a frustrating process, especially if you do not know where to search for your soulmate.Your partner should be able to understand your perspective because they are also working at the same location and they know who all of the players are.

The two of you may not necessarily agree on everything; you might really like the company’s dress code policy while your partner may be totally against it.

You can carpool to work together, eat lunch at the same time, and give each other suggestions on how to impress your boss because you both know the culture at the company.