Problem with dating older women

26-Oct-2019 14:15

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Ben points out that older women are more “prudent and discreet,” which is a hard argument to counter.

If you’re just in it for the sex, the good news is that she’s probably less emotionally invested in the whole thing than you are, so you don’t have to worry about the gossip machine.

Sorry if that offends all you 22-year-olds out there, but you’ve got a ways to go before you’re as interesting as you think you are.

This one’s not on Franklin’s list — what with women not even close to having the right to vote in the mid-1700s — but we live in somewhat more enlightened times.

Sometimes — not all the time, but enough to make it worth mentioning — young women will abandon all their hopes and dreams and cling to you like glue, inserting themselves into your life and your goals, which can be suffocating. She’s further along in her career than you are and has already learned the pitfalls of living exclusively for someone else. If you’ve been on more than three dates with a Millennial girl, she’s obsessively checking your profile to see if you’ve updated it, because that’s today’s accepted barometer of where you stand in each other’s lives.

The older crowd doesn’t put any (or at least nearly as much) weight on something so ridiculous.

An older woman doesn’t care what her friends think; she does her own thing.Ben Franklin may have founded a nation, discovered electricity, and invented bifocals, but he also owned slaves, so he wasn’t right about everything.