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n ECRFASEn MILITARY HOSTILITIES USAFA- 'JSMA- HSNA- ll SCn A-23 Variable name Load (r) LOAD (r) LOAD (R) Load (r) Load (r) Attended '\cademy because pay while attending Academy 33 ( 10) Effect of end of U. involvement in Southeast Asia on staying '11 (-05) 61 ( 11) Effect of national economic conditions on staying 3b ( 10) Effect of leadhig a disciplined, well-structured life on staying -34 ( 0^1) Factor Validity 032 055 224 213 ERIC ATTACHMENT IX ATTACHri EMT IX 3rd class 214 ERIC ATTACHMENT IX ATTACHMENT IX STUDENT CHARACTERISTICS 87.

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There is no charge for reports furnished to Members of Congress and congressional committee staff members; officials of Federal, Stole, local, and foreign govern- ments, members of the press; college libraries, faculty members, and students; and non-profit organi ration s. 20548 Requesters who are required to pay for reports should send their requests with checks or monr^ orders to: U. Attitudes on public and academic i s s ue s X X X 114 103 ATTACHMENT III ATTACHMENT III AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EDUCATION FRESHMAN SURVEY ITEMS FOR CLASSES OF 1974-19/7 (continued) ( ENTRY YEARS 1970-1973 ) 1973 Item 1973 Item Description 1972 1971 1970 No. .1 1 104 ATTACHMENT IV ATTACHMENT IV RATIONALE FOR QUESTIONNAIRE ITEMS 'Assumption is that the groups represent differ- ent kin-^.s of people with different motivations and experiences: e.g., prep school and active duty entrants are more aware of military training rigors, USNA has some data to Support assump- tioi: . O In junior year of high school Q In senior year of high school . O After high school Q Prior experience op- portunities or vicarious knowledge leads to more realistic expectations which has been shown in industrial and organ- izational studies to be related to attrition, USMMA data has shown that having an uncle who attend- ed academy is strongly related to retention ^ supporting Claude Levi- Strauss ' findings on importance of uncle in forming kinship relations. Did you have any cioie friends, family, or relatives that attended an academy or were career military or maritime personnel before you_ entered tjie Academy ? (M.-^rk all that apply) Athletic O Academic Q Military ;0 Typical measure of personality characteristics from self-concept domain hypothesized relevant to person-environment fit. GA-On Load {r1 106) 57 ( m2) %i 15G) 31( 062) 31 ( 205) m 176) USMMA- Lqad_..