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"right to access and egress 20 feet wide along the northern line of Lot 7 of the Cobb subdivision in page 75 of maps").2) the right to cross property to go to and from another parcel.He is changeless, moving all while not being moved by anyone.

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(See: easement, floating easement, access, egress) a right enjoyed by one person (either for himself or as a member of the public) to pass over another's land subject to such restrictions and conditions as are specified in the grant or sanctioned by custom, by virtue of which the right exists.A barter economy is a cashless economic system in which services and goods are traded at negotiated rates.Barter-based economies are one of the earliest, predating monetary systems and even recorded history.Strictly Internet-based exchanges are common as well, for example exchanging content creation for research.

Because barter is based on reciprocity, it requires a mutual coincidence of wants between traders.

Some rights of way are for limited use such as repair of electric lines or for deliveries to the back door of a store.

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