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07-Feb-2020 01:58

You're likely projecting your unhappiness with your life onto your breakup because it's easier to place the blame on something that's obviously painful — like a breakup — than it is to admit the problem was within you all along.

When you get dumped, it's natural for your pride to take a hit.

On the other hand, you might need less time if your relationship was very short.

More important than the specific amount of time you need, though, is the state of mind you're in.

John Cena, 41 earlier this year and she is now ready to enter the dating world! When asked about her current dating life, she told US Weekly: As long as Nikki is happy, her fans are happy.

It is learned that after her breakup from John Cena before their scheduled May wedding which was called off, Nikki Bella has not moved on yet.

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Understanding the reasons behind what you're feeling enables you to take control of your emotions.

She has been trying for some new dating but no one, in particular, has caught her attention still.