Polyamory married and dating episode 7 review

09-Jan-2020 20:30

Episode after episode it looked like something was forced on her and she always ended up being the one to apologize and back down from what she was feeling.She was pushed way too far way too quickly, and not just by her husband.I've just come to realize that Kamala & husband have a child.I've also watched several members of the pod walk in one one another with their current lover and they are very jealous reactions.Reality TV is not my genre, and some of the scenes seemed a little contrived."Polyamory" tells a story that hasn't really seen the light of day as of yet.This particular story may offend some people and may inspire feelings of insecurity or regret.I truly applaud the bravery displayed by the 'characters' it takes serious conviction and integrity to be so open.

Leigh Ann needs to divorce Chris and leave that ugly chapter of her life! To throw his wife out just because she sought love, acceptance and a man who actually cares is a double standard!!I'm married in a mono marriage but I think all consenting adults should have REAL freedom to choose how to live their private lives without society's judgment.Anyway, I have watched all seven episodes now but I loved the last one the most.First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of the brave individuals who were on this show.

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I've never been much into reality TV but this lifestyle fascinates me for some reason.

I really enjoyed seeing love displayed in such an honest and healthy way.