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We’ve only been open for 5 weeks and haven’t really had a proper stress test on our network after I fixed the insane networking issue that plagued us before we opened (another blog post, soon).We managed to stream out 14 separate streams at once, between the XBoxes, PS4s, and PCs without anyone having a problem. One of our goals with LFG was to make sure that people could not just join the community locally but also bring the larger internet gaming world into our shop here.Unfortunately, the multiplayer servers weren’t actually ready to let friends play together, so they moved to their backup of Halo 5 and started going through.By this point, other members of the Looking for Group team started showing and we started up FTL, Dota 2, The Impossible Game, Super Hexagon, CS: GO, and more, streaming most of what we played to one of our many twitch streams.

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And even after we do, the opportunity cost - what we give up in making a choice — subtracts from our satisfaction with our selection.One sheepishly opened a folder on his i Phone to reveal an entire constellation of free apps, with names like Bumble, Hinge, and Happn., that endless options only make us more miserable.We learned a lot this year and will hopefully be able to run it more smoothly and even better.

Changes from this year will include: no same day sign ups, better casting setup (show more of the area), earlier fund raising, keep LFG closed during so everyone can play.

You can check out our main one at and find the others that way.