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No- A debt collector may not contact you at inconvenient times or places, such as before in the morning or after at night, unless you agree to it- And collectors may not contact you at work if they? re not allowed to get calls there This number has repeatedly called me, it first started a few days ago, and then they would call like or times during the night, I mean like or pm local time, (I live in Nevada) I am also on the National Do Not Call list- The thing that makes me the most angry is they keep calling me under the guise of it is a wrong number, The number above calls us several times a day, but no one is ever on the other end- I say "hello" several times and then I get the recording "if you like to make a call,"- This is so annoying to have to pick up the phone for this number-We are on EST and the number called us again at :pm which really upsets me since I have a toddler in bed that is woken-Please tell me what I can do to stop this- I see several other complaints about this number calling others-Diana Wenzel My mother has received over calls from this number in the last weeks- He states he is calling to do work she needs on her house- Has her address and name- We have contacted the sheriff dept, phone company and the Federal Trade Commissioncaller is running a scam, wants persons to send him gift cards for a free car- says he is right here local and wants the card so he can give you the car- the caller uses the name Michael Thomas and asks that you mail him the gift card or the card to his office with an address in Jamaca Also just got a phone call from a young man- Could tell it was one of those 'call centers' because of the buzz noise in the background- He first asked, Is this the ____ family?

He said the exact same words as the others said- When he asked If I was Jewish, I said no- He said thank you and hung up- (First time I've ever been asked if I was Jewish so I thought that was odd and found this website-especially as the young man asking had a Spanish accent)Received a call asking for someone not on our call database- When I told him same, he asked for HR- When I asked him the nature of his inquiry, he said he wanted to talk to HR- I told him there was no person by that name, thanked him and hung up This company called to ask if I received a "rebate check" that was sent out for my electric and gas- It sounded fishy and WAS- When I gracefully declined, the man called me a "high maintenance woman who probably overpays for everything anyway," Can you believe it?

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This number keeps calling our house and no- one is there on the line furthermore we don't know anyone from New Jersey- When I called the number back to see who this was -an automated message came on claiming to be health care reform prescription savings type pitch I received a call from this number today and they did not leave a message- I have been getting calls similar to what is being reported on this number from various other numbers all saying the same thing in attempts to scam the public- The number comes up as a land line in Friendswood, TX with an address listed as W- Edgewood- I think this is such a big network of scammers and they use all different numbers, names and call back numbers- This needs to stop Ok - here it is?uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. And I found no record of anyone named Eileen living at the residence, or being related to anyone living at the residence- Also, I noticed there was a crib and a baby's room, but you made no mention of having an infant- I have sent an email to the agent listed as selling the property just to confirm some things as well- Also, are you in Colorado?

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Because is a Colorado area code- I have also done a reverse search on the number you had provided and it says your # is associated with real estate scams and they refer to themselves as Mr- Charles-I think we are going to pass- And if you are scamming people, shame on you Go find a job and stop trying to steal from people that are already in a bad position I got a call from a person on April from this number stating he was from the Roanoke Times newspaper and that the Times has sent me several notices about my "overdue" payment- I looked up my bill from the Times and it is not due until mid May- He said OK and offered me an incentive to pay in advance and offered some incentive to do so- I said no thanks and humg up This is a total scam- These folks will not stop calling me- I looked on the internet at their teeth whitening info-, as soon as I saw they wanted credit card info for shipping of a product that is suppose to be a free trial, I stopped, did not finish entering the info-, and got off the internet- These guys still were able to somehow get my phone even though I never completed the process- What the @##@ They have some sort of spyware to get you personal info-, and they will use your credit info- I'm sure if you are stupid enough to give it to them- Don't give them any information- Can we report these people to the authorities?

She is rude and obnoxious- I know I have a debt but it doesn't have to be broadcast to my co-workers- If I lose my job because of the calls, how will I finish paying the dang thing?