Passed legislation mandating

25-Sep-2019 11:42

The idea is that if homeowners in older buildings see solar installations go up on new homes, they might be more persuaded to switch their own energy systems to renewable.

Afterward, he and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, along with a few other lawmakers, walked across the hall to watch the upper chamber do the same.

Bywater’s company, Vivint Solar, is only operating in 23 states today, he says, but the survey results confirm to him that Vivint Solar and other rooftop solar companies could look to expand their reach.

They also, he says, have a role to play on the education front in “working with states and municipalities to encourage them to become more friendly to solar.”Rooftop solar panels alone will not be enough to fully shift energy systems to renewables—that will require a massive investment in utility-scale solar installations and innovations like offshore wind.

Though this public-opinion ripple effect is difficult to quantify, a new study from CITE Research, a market research firm for communications campaigns, finds evidence that it’s already happening.

In a nationally representative poll of 2,000 people, 70% said that they would support a version of California’s rooftop solar policy being mandated nationwide.“We’ve seen all the surveys about general support for solar,” says David Bywater, CEO of Vivint Solar, a residential solar installation company that commissioned the survey.I'm putting in a system in my home in Illinois, and I'm only responsible for 00 of the 500 system after the federal and state programs.