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16-Mar-2020 01:26

People have become more likely to marry others with similar educational and socioeconomic background.A version of this article first appeared on Conversable Economist. At Stanford, he was winner of the award for excellent teaching in a large class (more than 30 students) given by the Associated Students of Stanford University.But much of the intuition behind the model is fairly straightforward.

If you haven’t found quite what you’re looking for on an online dating site, you aren’t alone.

For a longer-term review of patterns related to interracial marriage, a useful starting point is Roland G. Trends in Interracial Marriage over the20th Century," in the Spring 2007 issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

My suspicion is that online dating affects marriage patterns in other ways, too.

Meanwhile, "met through friends," "met in church," and other categories have declined.

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The Ortega and Hergovich working paper lays out a mathematical model of marriage matching that will be heavy going for most readers.Those who like a proposal they receive can retain their preferred proposal--without actually accepting that proposal.