Online dating bucks

04-Feb-2020 05:30

This site showed him what kinds of pictures to display on his profile and which order to effectively use them “to showcase all of the best sides of you.” Another approach Rod has discovered is that most sites sort profiles by keywords.

If he sees a “super hot girl” that he is really attracted to, he will add a few keywords that she has used in her profile to increase the chances of a suggested match.

Rod’s deceptive tactics border on psychological warfare.

He showed me a site that he studied in order to spruce up his profile: “Top 5: Tinder Tips” on He has meticulously calculated the design of every profile that he uses.

“I am definitely cautious with it though,” assures Anna.

Anna has a couple of friends who have found love on dating sites and weren’t ashamed to admit that this is how they met.

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If this isn’t creepy enough, Anna suspects that a few other random friend requests have come this way.

Anna, a 26 year-old graduate of Bucks, was very reluctant to be interviewed.