Ohio processor consolidating

03-Mar-2020 15:19

They are compressible like a gas, but the compression of a powder is essentially irreversible, like the plastic deformation of a solid. Powder-based components are often selected for their low costs, but there are recognized advantages in improved quality, homogeneity, and performance properties.

A few examples illustrate the established diversity of products: lamp filaments, dental restorations, oil-less bearings, spark plugs, aircraft brakes, connecting rods, timing gears, lightweight armor, electrical contacts, nuclear fuel elements, orthopedic implants, business machine parts, high-temperature filters, sporting equipment, horseshoes, and jet-engine disks.

The transfer of this technology to industry has been effective through industrial hiring of the university graduates. research is on emerging powder-processing technologies to sustain industrial growth.

The important technology areas in powder processing are based on key aspects of the fabrication sequence: development of powder alloys, production of powders, compaction, sintering, densification, process control. Current opportunities for such growth include magnetic materials (especially the high-performance, rapidly solidified iron-neodymium-boron magnets), microelectronic components (such as tungsten-copper parts formed through powder injection molding), functionally gradient composites (for example, metal-ceramic acoustical energy absorbers), electromagnetic materials, and ultra-small biomechanical components.

Furthermore, the fabrication approach tends to further subdivide the industry, based on specific production routes.

Because of this segmentation, the powder processing industry largely performs application-specific research with most of the fundamental process improvements coming from suppliers.

Other consolidation processes produce composites, with either polymer, graphite, metal, or ceramic matrices.

Welding and joining processes, a unique group of consolidation processes, are used to combine subcomponents, often of dissimilar materials, into permanent assemblies.

Key process steps include the shaping or compaction of the particles and thermal bonding of the particles using sintering.

Interaction between the material and the energy that produces the consolidation is a key feature of the process.

This interaction can be either beneficial or detrimental to the final product.

In other cases, the energy used to effect consolidation is detrimental to the structure or properties of the product.

For example, in fusion welding, the heat of melting achieves bonding between the objects but also can create an undesired microstructure in the heat-affected zone of the joint, causing distortion and detrimental residual stresses.Much of the powder processing industry does not have a strong research history and often lags in technological applications.

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