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She stated, and I couldn't agree more, that a weekend at the club, in the nude, gave her a sense of confidence and strength. I mentioned it to a female friend of mine if she wanted to go. I was somewhat embarrassed at first, but after a while it became very natural to be "clothes free." Especially being able to swim in the pool without the restrictions of wearing a tight, uncomfortable bathing suit.

Obsessing over perceived imperfections seems to go out the window when in the company of nudists, and the feeling of boldness that is earned with so many peoples first time visits is a wedding gift in its own right. The feel of the water all over one's body, is amazing! Clothes don't make the person anyway, it's what's inside that matters. Bullhead City, Arizona I'm an unlikely nudist who came about becoming a nudist because of my doctor: It all started with a backache.

Cheers to the bold bride and her fantastic friends. You certainly wouldn't take a shower or bathe with a bathing suit. I just think that people need to think out of the box once in awhile. I would suggest putting this on everyone's bucket list. After many days of pain I finally went to my doctor.

Their joi de vivre was inspiring to be around, and we wish them all the best. She checked me out and told me that she didn't see anything, but with low back pain it would be necessary to have a gynecological exam to ensure that all was well inside me and not causing back pain. Taking a shower or using the toilet required me to close my eyes because I simply couldn't see myself like that.

So I clicked on a nudist website, which turned out to be nothing like I had expected. Within that site I found message boards and, after reading numerous messages, posted a question about whether this strange lifestyle would ever be possible for me.

I hoped to hear that it would not, but, instead, met people who could help.

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had a open house for any one interested in checking out the club. The doctor, Joan, made an appointment for me to come back to her in two days for the exam. (Yes, there were reasons for this fear, but it's not something to discuss here.) In short, if I couldn't even use the toilet with my eyes open, how in the world would I ever get through this kind of exam??? We're talking getting a "calm down" shot and calling the medical practice's psychologist in to the room to calm me down.

The day of the exam came and I tried my hardest but completely freaked out. The exam got done and revealed no problems, but it was clear to me that this couldn't continue.

So I did what any self-respecting 28 year old did in 2003: I Googled "body acceptance." Imagine my surprise to see a page full of links to nudist sites.

After only a short amount of time, I was showering with my eyes open.

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Then I was enjoying a little bit of nude time after the shower.Within a short period of time, you couldn't keep clothes on me.

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