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08-Dec-2019 20:13

Get there a bit early, eat and party and we receive some of the proceeds plus direct donations during the trivia game.

Several quick commentaries below on reconciliation and community and reports, and I draw your attention to all our coming events, but especially to the fun fundraiser at Joe Momma's Pizza Thursday night 8 to 10 pm during Live Trivia Game Night.

Finally, it is our Free Thanksgiving Meal on Thursday, Nov. If you can't make these events but can support us, you can make donations through the website link above.

Consider us for your end of the tax year contributions.

If you know of leaders of Veterans groups, especially on the northside, or interested veterans, pass this on to them and have them contact us.A non-creedal missional community in a progressive ecumenical universalist christian way, 5920 N. Also this Saturday at what has become one of our major outreaches, our annual old-fashioned Halloween Free Party for the community, all ages, 6 to 8 pm, moved up a day from Halloween because Sunday is a school night.Owasso Ave, Turley, OK 74126 918-691-3223, 794-4637, 430-1150. Other focuses will be our Veterans mission this month, a movie and free pizza, and a dinner the next night to help connect veterans in our area regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.So let us discover our wealth; let us discover our solidarity; let us build up communities; let us take our lives into our own hands and at long last out of the hands of the people who want to dominate and exploit us."That is the spirit of A Third Place, and of our gatherings in the spirit for worship on Sundays here to celebrate what we do in mission the rest of the week.

I read that passage during communion and the common meal this past Sunday; it is as good a homily on the eucharist, the lord's meal, as I have found lately too.

Every little bit goes such a long long long way through us.