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The former 'X Factor' star believes she is a ''fool for love'' and says the ''bravest thing'' she has ever done is letting someone she loves go.She said: ''My greatest weakness is - I'm a fool for love. The bravest thing I've ever done is loving someone and letting them go when you know it's not healthy for you, or serving you. Nicole Scherzinger, the ex-Pussycat Doll lead singer and X factor judge seems to be happy with her present boyfriend-Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. Nicole Scherzinger is 13 years older than Grigor Dimitrov.But did you know that Grigor is not the first male with whom Nicole Scherzinger has been associated with?Nicole Scherzinger is a singer as well as a dancer.She cleared her studies from Wright State University while in High School she also won the Coca-Cola Classic Talent event.No matter what you do or say, I will continue to rise til the day I die. When you one day see me holding hands with a woman, then you can write a new flame.", while appearing on the Jonathon Ross show in October 2016, Scherzinger said: "I don’t see anything negative, I think it’s quite natural when people separate and go their own ways and you just have to be adult about it and just always wish the other person happiness, success and love like sincerely and I do."Later, in 2017, Scherzinger spoke tomagazine and said (via Heatworld): "I was in that relationship for almost seven years. But sometimes the other person — the man — tends to be quite selfish, so they’re thinking of themselves and doing what’s best for them and meanwhile we’re giving everything."When we start to lose ourselves and compromise who we are and our worth, that’s when we really need to re-evaluate things.And no, there is no new flame so please stop attaching their name to me.

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But Lewis Hamilton isn't just known for his racing, but also his life away from the track, including his former relationship with Nicole Scherzinger. I've reached out to Hamilton's rep to find out if there is any information they can share, but they have told me that they don’t make public statements on the driver's private life.

However, Hamilton took to Instagram to vehemently deny the two were a couple, instead explaining that they were simply friends, and criticising the media for jumping to conclusions: "It's a sad world when a man cannot have female colleagues or friends without the media making it seem something it isn't," the athlete wrote.