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Jimmy and Roger show up soon afterward, asking him to sign a statement saying that he was goofing off when the injury occurred.Bill gives a follow-up "Mc Neal Perspective" report, again without getting sign-off from Dave, in which he admits that the broadcast he mentioned previously was, in fact, a medical report about prostate conditions.Despite Dave's warnings to avoid injury, Matthew hurts his hand and requires a trip to the hospital.Once there, he admits to Dave and Beth that he was still shopping around for a medical insurance carrier and is not currently covered.She suggests that it be written off as workman's comp, even though it wasn't technically work-related; Joe agrees to the plan to corroborate the story.

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"The Injury" is an episode of News Radio that was originally produced early in the second season, but was initially unaired by NBC until after the conclusion of the third season.Jimmy snags Matthew first; having changed his mind with the OSHA guy around, he and Roger ask Matthew to lie.