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The intent is to make your Web Browser look like a Visual Basic client desktop application - put together out of HTML-accessible parts! Since it starts from Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft OLE, only Web Browser's on operating systems that support Active X, such as Windows 95, Windows NT and now Apple Macintosh System 7, can use HTML pages with Visual Basic Scripts.

Sun Microsystems proceeded to produce a Web Browser with a Java Virtual Machine built into it and a set of Java Application ) Development tools - and they gave it away for free!

CGI Scripts could and even now do generate custom, on-the-fly HTML files. These HTML files could be filled with the results of database queries, graphics generators, video camera pictures - in fact, ANYTHING that a stand-alone application could do and convert into a format to fit the CGI protocol.

Here is an example of CGI Script in action: Sun Microsystems and a man named James Gosling joined the Personal Digital Assistant action of the early 1990s.

CGI scripts with Forms in HTML do the EXACT SAME THING - EXCEPT - you don't get the complete look of a PC client application!

Microsoft's scripting language, Visual Basic Script, coordinates complex behaviors between Active X OLE objects and any Java applets that can understand Visual Basic Script commands.Since it starts from Java, any Java-aware Web Browser that also understands Java and Java Script, such as Netscape Navigator on UNIX, Windows 95, Apple Macintosh System 7, Windows 3.11, OS/2 and Windows NT - can execute the same HTML page.