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I had sort of told my people, we don’t need to hunt stuff down because I’m quite busy as it is.That being said, if awesome stuff comes to us, or finds its way to us, then I’m not an idiot. So, yes, like I said, I wasn’t jonesing to do anything in particular and I just read this awesome script and that was that.As [crazy] as that sounds, it’s just like you don’t often get to read stuff, as an actor, that feels like it’s something you would have thought of and this felt like that to me. Why was the decision made to have the characters all have straight reactions to the heightened reality going on around them, as if it was all normal, and do you think that benefits the show?Yes, I think that the more sort of grounded and real or naturalistic, whatever word you want to use to describe it, the more that we keep our reactions in that realm, the crazier stuff we can do.Do you see any parts of yourself or any parallelisms between you and your character? Not just for him, but, ideally, for every character I play.

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You know, the sort of highest compliment that can [be paid] is that it felt like something that came out of my head.

They were cool enough to have faith and believe that I could do this and we made something pretty funny, I think.

Were you looking for a TV project and is the off-the-wall, non-standard style of the show what appealed to you? I mean, that’s definitely part of why it appealed to me but, to answer your first question, I wasn’t looking for anything. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been kept quite busy with my other gig, which is writing stuff with my friend, Jesse.

I think if everybody was firing on all cylinders and constantly acknowledging the insanity in front of us the whole time, there would be no place for this show to go and it would wear itself out pretty quick.

I also think those two tones, kind of, they play defense against one another as well as heightening one another.

So it’s like romance for lack of a better word – this whole stupid thing, there’s nothing like it. You’re sadder than you’ll ever be and, often, stuff in the middle.

Even if you weren’t the hunkiest guy on the planet, there will be girls who find you the cutest thing alive, especially the one you are looking for.… continue reading »

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After a promotion in April, she now co-anchors the two evening newscasts with Jim Rosenfield and hosts CBS 2 at the Met on Sunday mornings.“I have survived because I’ve worked hard and I have a good attitude,” Ms. “I had one sick day last year, one sick day the year before. As usual, she responded promptly: “It’s been a very unusual day. “I remember at the time I said, ‘I just do not understand why there’s not a man in your life, Dana.’ She just looked and said, ‘I don’t know.’ But there is now, I guess.”Ms. … continue reading »

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