Model updating in structural dynamics gaychubbydating com

02-Dec-2019 13:39 Received 12 March 2016; received in revised form 1 September 2016; accepted 9 September 2016; published 30 September 2016 Copyright © 2016 JVE International Ltd.

A Kriging model is constructed based on the input variables selected by F-test method specially, which is applied to the results of design of experiment.

It can be concluded that the Kriging model is suitable for the frequency response function based model updating.

Structural dynamic Model Updating Method has been widely used in civil engineering, aerospace engineering and other fields during the past four decades.

The response of design of experiment is obtained based on the errors between acceleration response curves of analytical model and experimental model.

Two examples of representative structure are discussed, the comparison of updated results of different metamodel shows that a less error of updated results can be obtained based on Kriging model, and the updated analytical model has a good prediction capability.

Since the time-consuming finite element analysis codes will be run at least once per iteration, this will be a challenge for structural dynamic model updating.Some researcher also gave the comparison [17, 18] and recommendation [19] of the main metamodels.