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11-Mar-2020 15:16

Nice to know that so much female suffering has stemmed from pure mythology, but it certainly doesn’t stop there.The word that was too racy to say on Seinfeld can be traced to the Greek words kleitorís and kleíein, or ‘to shut away.’ Some etymologists say it’s also related to the Greek word , or a key to a doorway."My mother commented that the joke was filthy, and I had to look up a glossary of female anatomy to figure out what it meant. Knowing so little about sex myself, I knew just as little about my own body. Parts that belonged to God, the church, and my future husband. We have a funny way of relating to the female body.Vagina, clitoris, labia, hymen--these were all supposedly parts of me. We speak of its sexual parts in hushed tones, and then when we do talk about our lady parts we often get it wrong.If we aren't comfortable talking about our bodies, how can we be truly comfortable in those bodies?Popular belief says that a woman’s hymen must break or tear to allow her to lose her virginity and engage in sexual intercourse with a man.Fyi prostate comes from meaning “leader, ruler, guardian; one standing in front."Today, the elusive G-spot remains a source of contention among experts, men, and women alike.Some swear by its existence, and believers insist that with enough exploration and skill you can find it.

Once again, it had to be named after the man, right?

Further complicating the situation is how experts have known about the clitoris.

A quick Google search will tell you that researchers discovered the internal portion of the clitoris in 2008, but that's really when men's research on the matter came to light.

Others refer to "a little hill."Often when we talk about sex and the female orgasm, we speak as if the clitoris is so damn mysterious and difficult to find.

As any woman can tell you, finding the clit is not that hard. We talk about it like it's completely hidden away, and utterly secret.

Regardless, it's still worth noting that researchers have only been aware of the internal clitoris for 20 to 30 years.

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