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26-Feb-2020 23:11

In another words, of all my media and playlist files referenced in the database I have 240 files that are psychically missing on the location that I have specified with the Old path.

It is not displayed how many media or playlist files are existing/missing individually, but only for their sum.

It was removed in 2019, and the following content is for historical interest only.

This is information about the new enhanced version of Update Location of Files add-on for Media Monkey v2.x-4.0.

With the Old drive and Old path combo boxes you should set the old location of files (source) and with the New path text box you should set the new location of files (destination).If you're not into looking at either the past or the future, you should just disregard entirely this page content and look for an up to date documentation page elsewhere.The Music Brainz to Free DB gateway (mb2freedb) was a service that allowed Free DB clients to access Music Brainz data through the Free DB protocol.The Old drive combo box shows all drives containing media files that are added to the database (Library).

When you choose some drive from that combo box, the Old path combo box will be filled with all folders from that drive containing files in the database including all their parent folders until the root of drive.

By the way, the records containing information about playlist files are not the same as the records about playlists.