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30-Dec-2019 02:50

The collection, which started some 50 years ago, has grown to compile the near complete publication history of the game.

While the methods of acquisition have evolved from sports collecting shows and phone book research to e Bay, and the global exchange made possible by the internet, the goal has never wavered and the result is a remarkable collection that tells the story of the sport, from the 19 century to the present day.

Wired reports that this 845GB mega-collection is now being publicly distributed online via hacker forums and torrent sites for free.

Security researchers from Germany's Hasso Plattner Institute managed to get ahold of the files and their analysis revealed that the data in Collections #2-5 is almost three times the size of Collection #1 -- around 25 billion records exposed!

2FA gives you an extra layer of security that will help keep your accounts safe.

And while you're at it, better close old accounts that you rarely use.

Similar to Collection #1, Collections #2-5 also contain data that was lifted from older breaches (like Linked In, Drop Box and Yahoo).

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The conference section includes 54 different conferences while the school section includes over 540 different schools.

Around two weeks ago, we reported about the "mother of all data breaches," a cache of data that affects nearly three-quarters of a billion email accounts, more than 20 million passwords and about 2,000 leaked databases.

This 87GB treasure trove of information is now known as "Collection #1" and it's actually a compilation of stolen credentials from a number of other data breaches dating back to 2008.

This suggests that some of the passwords are being leaked for the first time, putting more accounts at risk of credential stuffing.

As of this writing, Collections #2-5 have not been uploaded to Troy Hunt's Have Ibeen Pwned website yet, but you can check your email address now with Hasso Plattner Institute's own credential checker tool.

Apparently, a black market seller sent Krebs a screenshot showing the entire collection.

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