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Chicago Children's Advocacy Center (Chicago CAC) and their partners are the front-line responders in Chicago to reports of child sexual abuse, as well as reports of physical abuse of children under age 3.

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The Maine Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) operates the statewide hotline for child abuse and neglect.

Its goal is to become the premier urban school district in the country by providing all students and their families with high quality instruction, outstanding academic programs, and comprehensive student development supports to prepare them for the challenges of the world of tomorrow.

Board of Education of the City of Chicago 125 South Clark Street, 6th floor Chicago, IL 60603 773-553-1000 Website: edu/Pages/Website designed, developed, and deployed by CAIT at Western Illinois University, Macomb.

Mandated Reporters call this hotline to make a report.

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Highly trained staff is available to guide callers through the process of making a report of suspected abuse and neglect.Even if a report has already been made, your information is still valuable, as it could assist the investigator in deciding whether to indicate the report. It is your individual responsibility as a Mandated Reporter to ENSURE that a child abuse report is made to the Hotline.

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