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27-Sep-2019 05:36

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Some admirers of big, beautiful people are big and beautiful themselves, and some are seeking the same.

This is a helpful designation to ensure, well, the right fit.

BBW and Fat Fetish Glossary of Terms BBW/BBM Big, beautiful woman/man.

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Fat folk admirers often have a fixed ideal—whether mildly rounded or XXXL—and for feeders, fat alone is not enough.

Leblouh is a tradition in parts of West Africa where young girls are force fed against their will to fatten them up for marriage.

Gavage is the word traditionally applied to force feeding animals to fatten them for the plate.

Apple/Pear/Hourglass These are descriptions of a figure type.

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An apple has average legs and is round in the middle.

Engaging in gavage can be part of BDSM, and like other acts of sadism or masochism, the force part must be willingly agreed to.