Longines dating watch

09-Oct-2019 15:52

There’s a whole lot of variety to be had here, from diving watches to chronographs and even elegant dress watches.

DISCOVER CONQUEST WATCHES Longines has dedicated its rich history to the name Heritage in numerous models that in their design, are very vintage inspired.

He was, after all, the first person that flew a single motor airplane over the Atlantic Ocean.

Closely cooperating with Longines, Lindbergh also developed the first watch that could precisely determine the longitude, by displaying the hour angle in reference to the zero meridian from Greenwich.

Even though it distinguishes itself by the manufacture of high end chronographs, most of its watches consist of three hand watches, which make up 85% of its volume of production.

That the measurement of longitude could be so vital is something that hardly anyone knew better then Charles Lindbergh.

It has also created with the Heritage 1942, a column wheel chronograph that is available in a black (L2.768.4.53.2) or white (L2.768.4.113.2) dial.

Hardly any other manufacturers offer this type of sweeping price class, which all but ensures them a key position as one of the most adaptable brands on the market.In terms of revenue, It stands right alongside the big three; Rolex, Omega, and Cartier.At the same time Longines is one of the biggest Assembleurs of ETA movements.The men’s collection, on the other hand, is even more reduced and gets right to the point.

All models are characterised by their timeless elegance and simple appearance, regardless of their intended gender.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Longines aims to provide everyone with just the perfect model.

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