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Well, I happened to be in Philly for work last week and since we had just a shade of free time we decided to do the same little taste-test for lunch. I found out quickly that there is a particular way to order your philly: . You can also get that cheese sauce ON your philly (instead of american or provolone). Here we are making our way across the street to Geno's. These outrageous fraction-wages can be found in agreements for Coles and other supermarket workers aswell.At KFC, 15 year old workers can be paid a tiny 40% of full, adult pay, all for the exact same work that anyone who is 21 years or older would do.Young workers make up their own special group within the bigger workforce with 60% of them working in the retail and hospitality industries.Companies like Mc Donalds, Subway, KFC and Hungry Jacks are built around young, low paid workers, and they rely on young people, to be the ones cooking the burgers, dishing out the soft serve and operating the cash registers.This Community Briefing video is about an officer involved shooting involving one of our officers at a local convenience store in September 2017.

But while we are busy enjoying our new found cash, we don’t always realise exactly how badly we are being exploited and ripped off by our bosses.

The shooting drew a great deal of community interest, especially due to the edited video that went viral on social media before the scene was even secure.

Although much of that attention waned in the weeks following the shooting, there have been some who have asked questions about it to this day.

And it’s not just fast food that relies on young workers, but super markets who roster 15 16 and 17 year olds to operate the checkouts at 10 o’clock on a Saturday night, or spend their Sundays putting the soft-drink and the chips on the shelves.

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Companies and businesses like these also rely on 18, 19 or 20 year old workers to be duty managers and supervisors in these situations, meaning that the majority of the most essential and basic work is done by young workers.

antiques, grayed greens, wood floors, sketchbooks, spring flowers, lavender soap, modern vintage furniture, thoughtful design, found objects, old photographs, film cameras, letter "a's", great grandmother's linens, cottage-style gardens, collections of green and white pottery, fresh herbs, and a spotted dog. And, they are literally located across the street from each other! Note the sign that discusses the invention of the philly and it's place in history!