Is nastia liukin dating

16-Mar-2020 13:47

The 25-year-old Olympic gold medalist and the Venture Up founder are engaged, the gymnast announced on Twitter today.

"Matt proposed in Boston last night with a beautiful ring he designed himself," Liukin tells E! "He told me we were going to celebrate together and to my surprise my parents, best friend and his family and best friend were waiting there to celebrate with us.

Now, medical examiners in Los Angeles county have released the results of toxicology testing that points to the cause of Skaggs' death.

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She typed a long email, as reported by Olympic, she later described as “a love letter.” “If you don’t respond, I totally get it,” East said. “When [the reporter] said that, I was like, I have to fix this.” Liukin took the bathroom break, received the email and cried. Hopefully it just adds extra support, knowing what it is like to go through something like that and at that level.The amount of training and everything you have to put in to be the best that you can be.”When he’s not in season they occasionally work out together but mostly keep their routines separate.“I took him to Core Power once and that was it,” Liukin says about their yoga-going experience. I was like, ‘Okay, you’re not going to like this.’ He was like, ‘I’m never going back again.’ But he has a very specific training routine, so I just remember I also had that, so I try not to mess with it.Nastia Liukin is head over heels for the new man in her life — Detroit Lions punter, Sam Martin — despite knowing nothing about the sport he plays.“I love it because I feel like I know nothing about football and I told him that right from the beginning,” the Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast tells PEOPLE about her NFL-playing beau. And he was trying to explain a play to me once and I guess I was just staring off into space and he was like, ‘Wow you really don’t know anything.'” I was like, ‘No.'”While they don’t share the same love of football, they do connect on their shared experiences working as professional athletes.“I do kind of know the athlete mentality and what it’s like and having a tough practice,” Liukin, 29, explains.

“Coming home after a bad day, I can talk with him and joke with him about it.

So far there have been new shomances and relationships popping up left and right on Season 11 – and now the media has turned their attention to pro dancer Derek Hough and his DWTS 2015 partner Nastia Liukin.