Irish independent online dating

17-Oct-2019 04:59

To take things to the next stage Teeze suggests dating options (coffee, cinema, zoo, bowling, etc) and uses Google maps, Yelp and Foursquare to identify venue options in the immediate area.

Each part of the decision-making process is encouraged by consistent, easy to follow graphics designed to help people say “yes” or “no” to a date with ease and minimum awkwardness.

However, with help of friends, the platforms were designed over an intensive six-month period and coded over the next 2½ years.

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You’ll find out how to stay safe online, how to make your profile stand out with the three photographs every profile needs, and even help with what to wear on a date.

At that time he was working in Australia, where he launched a dating site aimed at the large expat community.

“It was a slick site but the technology had rapidly shifted to mobile, so I took the concept and repackaged it,” he says.

We have global ambitions but our initial focus will be on Ireland and the two million singles in this market,” says Mc Keown.

The company’s next step is to raise €50,000 in an initial seed round and Mc Keown is about to replace himself as chief executive.

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