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10-Dec-2019 05:18

invalidating a patent-89

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We couldn’t identify any result where this feature was present along with the other limiting features. Moreover, the description revealed unsupported” could very well fit in.

Thus, we put this forward for a discussion with our client.

On appeal, the Federal Circuit reviews the Board’s factual findings for substantial evidence – a liberal and forgiving standard that only requires “such relevant evidence as a reasonable mind might accept as adequate to support a conclusion.” Conclusions of law, however, are reviewed .

Perhaps of most relevance for many obviousness cases – the existence of a motivation-to-combine references is deemed a question of fact and thus deference is given to the PTO’s conclusion.

In fact, an experienced person would relate to this when I say: In many cases, we do not have bang-on results.

So, one needs to know the ‘unconventional’ ways that one can take to get to those results.

invalidating a patent-47

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Later on, the client told us that the same prior-art reference was used in the court, and the patent get invalidated with this interpretation.In one of the cases, we received many references from our client as already-known references.