Intimidating entrance music

21-Feb-2020 02:57

I can see Diego coming out to face Koschek with NIN- Fuck you like an animal blaring through the place, lol.If you were a fighter, what would your entrance music be?This question never seems to get old amongst fight fans. Fans are captivated by everything the spectacle has to offer, including the dimmed arena, lighting effects and memorable entrance music.

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But imagine if you will, someone like Alberto Del Rio having the screech, it wouldn't work.

That's my two cents anyway The Game always gets a pop I honestly think anything with a sudden impact to start will get a pop these days. I also think it's why Wade Barret struggles to get a reaction, he keeps getting shitty themes.

Whoever you are, whether you only like sport or music or neither you will be familiar with a lot of these pump up tunes!

What do you think the most intimidating entrance music is?No need to hear the lyrics, no need to listen to the whole song, just those first few bars will be enough. The crowd goes nuts when they hear the car crash at the beginning of Mankinds music, the bottle smashing on Stone Colds...