Infp dating relationships szybkie randki speed dating

12-Dec-2019 06:00

But eventually I came to see that it was to my advantage; as I started to figure out what I needed in a partner for compatibility, I realized that most of those friendzone relationships would never have worked anyway.

But I agree that being an INFP guy can narrow your dating pool with women (particularly straight women) because many are looking for guys who are more dominant or bold, but I find that this becomes less and less of a problem with age.

Not saying INFP guys are weak, but we can just come across that way when we're tired and not throwing ourselves out there to get the guy/girl.

Maybe with straight INFP relationships it's the same thing.

I'm an amazing boyfriend, but I am a god-awful date. I'm not tormenting myself like that ever again. Definitely never dated and definitely have been friend zoned a couple of times while being I love with the guy, having him not even think of me past being a good friend. Well, I never had a girlfriend/boyfriend until the end of my senior year of high school.

It was a mental speedbump I had to work myself out of, but I'm glad I did it.So being an INFP male and from observations of generally other INFPs, I'm starting to see a sort of pattern.

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