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08-Oct-2019 01:29

4.) Weird looks can trigger a woman’s cuteness reflex In many cases, ugliness and cuteness do go hand-in-glove.The same instinct that makes women gravitate towards cute babies and puppies may be the same mechanism that causes them to think an ugly guy is adorable.And believe us, it’s almost an incredibly unfair advantage.A few years ago, a bodybuilding enthusiast who called himself Germanlifter did a social experiment where he used a stock photo of a male model as a Tinder pic and he sent women creepy PMs, just to demonstrate the sheer advantage good looks gives a guy.

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So perhaps if you get a better income and manage to get agonizingly painful shinbone-lengthening surgery to increase your height, you should be all set, right? As of yet, scientists still need to paint a complete picture of the hot girl, ugly guy phenomenon.Admittedly I did get turned down a few times only because I opened with stuff like let’s f**k.”The advantage looks can give you is so overwhelming, it may even be disadvantageous later in life.