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In between, the social acceptance of personals has waxed and waned with the times."Advertising for a husband or wife has always attracted criticism and the people who did it were always thought of as failures in some way.To remove particular search history items in Opera, hover your mouse over the item you want to delete and then select the x off to the right.If you're on the mobile app, press the three-dotted menu to the right of the item and then choose Delete.There's an x next to each item in your Edge history that you can press to immediately remove them from the History page.If you're on the mobile app, press-and-hold an item to find the Delete option.If you're using the mobile app, press-and-hold and then choose Remove.Firefox lets you erase all your history through the Clear All History menu.

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You might have to scroll if your browser window is too small to see it.

Maybe you want to see your recent searches if you accidentally closed out of your browser window and want to return to what you were doing.

Or, if you found an awesome website a few days ago but forgot to bookmark it, it might still live in your browsing history.

Use the Clear history link to the right of your history items to open a new prompt where you can delete all the history in Yandex.

Choose how far back to remove the search history and then make sure Views is checked. Removing the Yandex browsing and search history on the mobile app is done through the menus.

Search history in Chrome can be browsed with the search box at the top of the History page.