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09-Oct-2019 10:52

“I had never seen my natural armpit hair – and I was 22 years old,” cries Gina Fuller, now 23, working as a charity fundraiser in London.

Unlike most young women, the thought of her underarm fur did not make her balk and silently thank Gillette for selling Venus-themed razors.

Instead, she felt that it was "a real shame" she had been shaving for so long she didn't know what her real armpits looked like.

Her friends agreed and so they decided something had to be done - they would ditch their razors.

It's important for girls to choose to have them either way.

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In fact, hair follicles are proven to absorb sweat instead of letting it sink into the skin.

It seemed to be the result of a marketing onslaught, when sleeveless dresses came into fashion and adverts showed shaved women wearing them.