Funny dating add

18-Jan-2020 03:21

i also enjoy someone who is financially secure and does support enviornmental reservation- may it be with recycling or donations. I like smile and occasionally laugh, as my name tell you. I wish he is kind, which is most important, not only to me, to friends, but to all people and to the world. fo I wish he is kind, healthy, considerate and with kid heart. Some profiles just cry out "Please marry me and get me out of this miserable Communist dictatorship!

i enjoy someone who can coinside with my values and ideas about what the future holds. Anyway we can enjoy many things together, but we can give freedom to each other.

U HAVE TO LIKE ME FOR WHO I AM NOT WHAT I CAN DO FOR U OR WHAT U CAN DO FOR ME. Sometimes I am motivated, but occasionally I am so lazy.

When we enter a chat room, we wonder what person is hidden behind a cool or funny nickname.

Because I love chinese story and chinese handicraft article. Unfortunately I have never meet, will I have the lucky to meet it? However, I think it must be exist true love and I can sure I could meet in some days.