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I got more interested in the projects, and we certainly ate better than the fare I was used to cooking for myself.I really enjoyed having Callie around, for all those reasons but also because I truly enjoyed her company.I think the final hurting blow was when she told Bobby she was leaving his reaction was simply to ask for her door key.

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She and I had always gotten along well, even flirting a bit when there was enough booze at family gatherings to allow our guard to drop a bit. A bit after lunch I heard a car coming up the driveway and looked out the window to see Callie pull in and park.

"You know, you were always my favorite in that family, and both of us were outsiders that had married in. " "I sure do, but first I need to use the ladies room." "Right down the hall, between the two bedrooms." I threw together a couple of sandwiches, grabbed a bag of chips and two beers, and took our lunch out onto the large back porch where the breezes would be better.