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The second in size is the " Old Camp Ground." This con- tains about three hundred acres, and is noted as the camp- HISTORY OF BOXFORD. 1 795) by Jonathan Wood, who died two years later; and he was followed in May, 1798, by Parker Spofford, who married the widow of his predecessor in office.

Pastors \it.iox& 1725, Wil- liam Knight, William Perkins, 47 ; Thomas Gilbert, 48, 62 ; Jeremiah Hobart, 63, 80 ; Jo- seph Capen, 81. Town officers, earliest, 68 ; earh', 87,116; clerks, 371; selectmen, 373- '■'■Villagers''''' ministerial matteis at Topsfield, 48, 61, 63, lo S; at Andover and Bradford, 108. This was known as " The Plain " from the earliest settlement of the town. He was followed in October, 405 406 HISTORY OF BOXFORD.

Long and Baldf Hills are the only noticeable ones in the East Parish. He married Phebe Bixby, 1713 ; and his son Samuel was baptized in 1714. He was here as early as 1 714, and was chosen constable in 1740. — Benjamin, was born in Wenham in 1692, and was son of John and Lydia (Herrick) Porter. Deacon Kimball removed to Lawrence in 1852; and in August of that year Samuel Bixby, who is still in office, was chosen to fill the vacancy.

The hills in the West Parish afford some grand landscape views, while from their summits the neighboring country can be seen for miles around ; the gentle-flowing Merrimac, which has often inspired the Muse's pen, can be traced in its mean- dering course for miles away. — Adam, by wife Jane, had children born here: Jane, 1721 ; John, 1724; Elizabeth, 1726; William, 1730; Adam, 1732; and Mary, 1734. — Nathaiiiel owntd land, and was taxed here as early as 1 714. Deacon Kimball died in Boston, where he had resided for some years, in 1878. — After the church was incorporated in the West Parish, two deacons were chosen. Deacon Woster removed to Leicester in 1745, and was dismissed from his office Oct. Thomas Chadwick was appointed his successor the following April 21.

Its shape, as viewed from the north-east, appears like a side-view of a shoe, with the toe pointing to the north-west. Through the last-mentioned Amos, and his son Thomas, Samuel was the great-grandfather of the late Richard and Capt. The deacons chosen in April, 1759, were Aaron Kimball and Joseph Hale.

The best farming-lands lie together in the valleys, separated from others of equal quality by the hills and ridges, on whose slopes, where they are not taken up by the wood-growth, the cattle graze. The children of this settler were : Mary, James, Moses, Hannah, John, Nathan, Mercy, Joseph, and Oliver. Deacon Peabody resigned in 1853; and the present deacon, John K.

Merrimac River, on the north, flows within one hundred and twenty-five rods of the most north-western point of the town's boundaries. Abraham Redington was one in 17 10, and continued in ofifice till 1713, Dec. Daniel Wood was deacon in 1714, and was also styled deacon in 1718. Jonathan Foster was a deacon in 171 7, and probably continued in office to his death, May 21, 1730.

From the most north- western point of the town to the dividing-line between the States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the distance is but three miles, Salem being the nearest New-Hampshire town. — Thomas Perley was a deacon in 1708, and he died next year.

The marshes which lie along the coast are in such close proxim- ity, that most of the farmers in the town avail themselves of gathering, for fodder for cattle and other purposes, the salt hay which they produce.

The same is also true of Salem Harbor in a southerly direction.

t This hill was known as Bald Hill, probably on account of its bare sum- mit, as early as 1670.

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