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If that’s me, I have to put myself on the spot, pretend to be barely legal and just sell it." Working from home, she simply dials in, enters her pass codes, and calls are fielded to her. Normally, she'll work eight hours a day, but splits this into two-hour shifts. My average is 00 (£870) a week."But, working from home doesn't mean eight hours of chilling in her pjs, "I like to get dressed up."The cool part is, if I wanted to make a dollar I can. I put on high heels and do my hair and makeup," she tells me.Considering a free (read: unethical) pornography is so readily available it's almost harder to avoid than find it, a surprising number of people are still paying to call phone sex lines.And, leading chat line 1-800-PHONE-SEX still receives more than 40,000 calls a day."That way, you feel sexy and you’re in the mood to have fun.It really does change your mood if you’re wearing the cute lingerie."When she first started, Angelica found the most challenging aspect of the job was being ready to act out any fantasy.

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You have to separate yourself."Not everybody can do this job.She tells Cosmopolitan UK what it's really like to have men masturbating to the sound of your voice, eight hours a day."I used to work for a strip club as a makeup artist," Angelica tells me.