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12-Mar-2020 00:29

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As I walked in, I texted him that I was wearing a blue and black dress – makes it easier to pick me out of the crowd…or some shit like that. The conversation was pretty enjoyable and I figured, sure, one more martini and then I will take off.

I mean what’s the fun in long drawn out texting relationships if you’re never going to meet?

I am very leery of the guys that have multiple professional photos or professional photos, I mean c’mon. He had all photos of Patrick Bateman which I mean, duh, I was never going to swipe left?!

But the standard left applies if someone has memes or logos or blurry, taken from behind them, landscape shit.

He made it to the restroom and I asked the bartender for the tab – I was done. He throws said bag onto the bar, tells me that he just ‘ripped a buncha lines so he is ready to party’.

At this time, he is sitting to my right at the bar, on the left…a prostitute.He texted me that he was there at pm, I was walking around the corner.