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24-Dec-2019 12:04

If you're not, then you're getting a lifetime of dog-eating, little-dick, chinky-eye, ching-chong, go-back-to-china, make-my-chow-mein, ewww-no-you're-asian-i'd-never-date-you bullshit racism your whole fucking life.People come up to you speaking Chinese because they wanna impress you to get into your pants - people come up to me telling me to fuck off back to China.I think this hatred of yours stems from something deeper and it sounds to me that you may need some help dealing. This level of anger/neurosis/psychosis requires professional intervention. I spent my entire youth, 20s and early 30s in the South and then in white/mostly white cities and suburbans on the West Coast.Seriously, don't do this for anyone else, just do it for yourself. I had spent the majority of my life interacted with mostly white people.Each person has the ability to think for himself/herself. I hope you arent talking about America, because thats an incredibly short-sighted and ignorant point of view.The great majority of Americans do not see Asian Americans as "foreigners" or as the "punchline of a joke".

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The last time I saw a white person was almost a month ago ago.

I hate that I was born into a country that will always see me as a foreigner or the punchline of a joke.

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