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Although many electronic communications received by a user or recipient are desired, expected or requested, other communications may be unrequested or unwanted.

Such unrequested electronic communications in the form of e-mail may be called, for example, "spam," "ray mail," "unsolicited commercial e-mail" (UCE), "unsolicited bulk e- mail" (UBE) and the like.

In another example, a user's electronic device may contain a database of addresses of senders from whom the user wishes to receive electronic communications.

Messages from such addresses may be permitted to reach the user.

Messages identified as sent from spammers may be prevented from reaching a user or being viewed by a user.

In another example, e-mail servers or electronic devices may be configured to screen the subject line header or body text of incoming messages for keywords indicating the e-mail message was sent by a spammer.

[0006] Figure 1 illustrates an example system 100 for validating electronic communications; [0007] Figure 2 illustrates an example implementation of a system 200 for validating electronic communications; [0008] Figure 3 illustrates another example implementation of a system 300 for validating electronic communications; [0009] Figure 4 illustrates another example implementation of a system 400 for validating electronic communications; [0010] Figure 5 illustrates an example of process steps within a registration network 500 when being queried by a validation logic of a system for validating electronic communications; [0011] Figure 6 illustrates an example method 600 for validating electronic communications; [0012] Figure 7 illustrates an example method 700 for preparing a registration network; and [0013] Figure 8 illustrates an example computer 800 that contains a retrieval logic 825 and validation logic 830.

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Additionally, spam messages may cause problems for Internet Service Providers (ISP's).

Both singular and plural forms of all terms fall within each meaning.

[0015] As used in this application, the term "computer component" refers to a computer- related entity, either hardware, firmware, software, a combination thereof, or software in execution.

SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR VALTOATING ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS [0001] This application claims priority to provisional application number 60/473,819, filed May 28, 2003, the contents of which is herein incorporated by reference.

BACKGROUND [0002] Electronic communications, e-mail for example, have become a popular way of communicating.

Shading is not intended to suggest any particular characteristics or attributes.

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