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Gothic Revival architects cleverly adapted characteristics of medieval architecture such as the pointed arch or delicate carved tracery to the design and construction of modern dwellings.Today, such features are found in great estates from New England to New South Wales built primarily in the early to mid-19th century, though some examples in England date back to the 1740s.The mantle carvings of its drawing room’s ornate fireplace displays the faces of the Victorian virtues of faith, hope, and charity.One of the design challenges of adapting the look and feel of a Gothic cathedral to a private home—even a large one—is scale.

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Stained-Glass Windows Stained-glass windows proliferated in church architecture from the 10th through the 13th centuries due in large part to the need to illustrate Bible narratives for illiterate parishioners.

As industrialization began transforming the landscape of Europe and the daily lives of its citizens, a nostalgia for the perceived purity and romance of the Middle Ages came into vogue, inspiring a return to varied elements of the era’s handcrafted furniture and homes.

Imagery depicting coats of arms, painted furniture featuring Arthurian scenes, medieval-style clothing, and Gothic script and type all enjoyed a resurgence.

I am proud to be an International Event Rider currently ranked 2nd in the British Eventing Rankings and 14th in the FEI World rankings.

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None of this could be achieved without the fantastic support l receive from my team, owners and sponsors.The pitched roof was also a common feature of the related Tudor Revival style.