Evemon not updating market orders

14-Dec-2019 12:01

Besides, the rest of my characters are as close to anonymous as you could probably get.

I do dabble in the markets, yes, but not to the extent that I know some of the users of the site do.

As far as market data goes, the limit initially was the number of requests you could submit at a time.

Also, if there’s anyone with a PHP/Python background who’d like to do contract work on an EVE related site, feel free to reach out to me.And of course, Copy/Paste is just an easy way of eyeballing contract/fit/hangar values.Our biggest request so far is to be less Jita-centric.There are a few lingering cache-scraping tools available, I believe, but I think it’s the end of that particular method.

As CREST gets faster and more developed, there will be no need for cache-scraping and that time is coming fairly soon.

I just read a devblog though that they’ve added new resources specifically with these sorts of issues in mind.

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