Dreambox an error occurred updating the password file

17-Oct-2019 23:19

In most instances, this will be corrected by downloading and install the latest version on all workstation PCs.If, after trying the above, you still see the message when starting payroll, it is likely you will need to refer to your IT support.After the initial extraction step the rest of in the install wizard doesn’t run, when you look in task manager the process is listed as a running process.This is caused by a conflict between the installer process and some other service running on your PC.

If you are not sure, before downloading, check in the help menu of your software.In some reported instances, this error has been caused when Windows tries to elevate a user’s permissions to allow the installation to proceed but the elevated user drive mapping hasn’t started quickly enough.To attempt to restart the drive mapping and allow the installation to complete, when you get to the “Choose Destination Location” step of the install wizard, click “Browse“, select some other location listed, then “Browse” again to reselect the original location: If the status of the drive shows as “Unavailable“, as in the example above, you will need your IT support/administrator to map location for the administrator account.Once this is done retry the installation and it should complete without error.

Otherwise, if the status is listed as “Available” or the above steps have not resolved the error, get your IT support/administrator to assign each individual payroll user (not as a group, list as individual users) “Full Control” to the payroll installation folder.Common solutions for installation / update problems.