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09-Feb-2020 22:27

Sex is for earthworms, if we are humans capable of higher thought why choose to have a sex based brain?Coolness and talking to girls at parties, in my later teens after i discovered how stupid everything was females would always approach me at parties and start talking to me about why i didnt do drugs, drink or have casual sex. At this point you are already having a conversation with a female.With understanding human and animal behaviour they can more easily look at themselves and their behaviour objectivly and choose to change.Humans as animals, after studying the relations of human and animal behaviour you can see how girls dancing at a club as just baboons presenting to attract a mate and guys trying to be cool and just birds showing off their healthy plumage to try and attract a mate.These beheaviours and reactions should be studied so you can adjust to the enviroment to avoid conflict.There may be times where presenting yourself to be strong can avoid a conflict as the opponents will back down.I would reccomend everyone male and female check out the mystery method it is about how to become a pick up artist. (Rape by deception) but i actually learned a lot about behavioural psychology and female psychology.

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