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Otherwise the parser can’t tell which white space is ignorable and which isn’t.

The following two methods determine whether the parsers produced by this factory are “namespace aware.” A namespace aware parser will set the prefix and namespace URI properties of element and attribute nodes that are in a namespace. feature that lets you choose whether or not to include entity reference nodes in the DOM tree.

JAXP allows you to set and get these custom features as objects of the appropriate type using these two methods: The naming conventions for both attribute names and values depends on the underlying parser. JAXP only works for Java, and it is a Sun proprietary standard.

Consequently, the W3C DOM working group is preparing an alternative cross-vendor means of parsing an XML document with a DOM parser. DOM3 is not close to a finished recommendation at the time of this writing and is not yet implemented by any parsers, but I can show you pretty much what the interface is likely to look like.

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The default is to use the class named by the has a number of options that allow you to determine exactly how the parsers it creates behave.//Get Document Builder Document Builder Factory factory = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder builder = Document Builder(); //Build Document Document document = builder.parse(new File("employees.xml")); //Normalize the XML Structure; It's just too important !!