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I’m private for the most part, and absolutely hated when exes would tell our issues to common friends and random people we knew (think associates, classmates, coworkers, etc).When this happens, people will form an opinion about you and about the relationship that you can’t really change unless you tell your side of the story and make it a complete mess. If you’re not ready for serious commitment, move on! You never hear Jeter in any cheating scandals, and while it may be a reflection on his character, I would say he’s smarter than that.This is the man who put NYC on his back daily, and reps a city, a sport, and a culture like no other. I always respected him because he shows that you can emulate an ideal and actually live that ideal.In an age where professional athletes are marred in scandal, steroids, and other legal and moral troubles, you have Derek Jeter.It’s a double edged sword: you either keep your mouth shut and let people think what they will, or you speak and lose privacy. See, Derek isn’t maried and hasn’t been married to date.He more than likely enjoys his single/non-married life, and doesn’t want to complicate it with mistresses and such.

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Obviously, when (KB’s) swinging the bat, he’s a game-changer. As much as anyone, Bryant represents an idealized version of The Cubs Way, one of their best hopes that this 43-45 start is a fixable glitch and not a system-wide breakdown of a one-and-done team.

Bryant also possesses the inner drive, natural calm and sense of responsibility that draws comparisons to Jeter, a player he publicly patterned himself after while being anointed as the franchise savior, trying to deflect credit and attention and defuse controversy. You never really heard about any personal achievements with him.